City Wide Day of Action Starting in the Bronx, Lets tell Big Corporations like Well Fargo ,Chase Bank and others to pay they fare share

Come out this April 17 to tell the big corporations like Well Fargo ,Chase Bank and other to pay they fare share.

According to SEC filings, Wells Fargo currently holds over 4 million shares in GEO Group and 50,000 shares in Corrections Corporation of America, with a combined value of $120 million. GEO and CCA are the world’s two largest for-profit prison corporations. Wells Fargo, a recipient of billions of bailout dollars, is a major contributor to politicians who have championed the increased incarceration of immigrants. The protests will call on Wells Fargo to invest in our communities and divest from the private prison industry.

Anti immigrant laws, like Arizona’s SB 1070 and Georgia’s HB 87, are not only a consequence of racism but also of the greed for money. It is a huge business to criminalize and incarcerate our communities because the federal government pays private prison companies a average of $122 per day per person in prison. Private Prison Companies like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group have influenced politicians to pass laws that criminalize communities of color to increase the prison population for more profit. These companies are making millions from incarcerating our loved ones. Those who benefit are companies (shareholders) that invest in the prison industry. Our government is building more prisons while cutting social services and schools, all with tax payer money. This is why Enlace has launched the Prison Industry Divestment Campaign to convince shareholders (banks, hedge funds, etc) to divest their funds from the prison industry so that we can make an impact on the prison business and reducing the power of CCA and GEO to lobby for laws that imprison our communities

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Enlace is working in partnership with organizations across the US on the Prison Industry Divestment Campaign that is targeting major shareholders of the private prisons corporations The GEO Group, Inc. and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) because of their roles in lobbying for anti-immigrant legislation like SB1070 and Secure Communities.

Ven y Unete y protesta para decirles a las grandes corporaciones que paguen los taxes que les corresponden .

Clips by Mid South Peace and Justice Center, VozMob, Madelou, Students Working for Equal Rights, Enlace
Photos by PeteyK Photography, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Workplace Project, Chris Summitt, Charley Dejolie, Vikter Medina, Enlace
Video by Alas Media

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