10,000 square foot rooftop farm on Bronx hosting complex

Will supply enough produce to meet the annual fresh vegetable needs of up to 4500 people.

Forest House
1071 Tinto, Bronx, NY

Excerpt from Bright Farms website.

Their new state of the art affordable housing complex planned for the South Bronx, NY, will feature a 10,000 square feet (930 sq meters) fully integrated rooftop farm, designed by BrightFarm Systems.

The greenhouse will use left-over heat from the residential portion of the building and water harvested from the greenhouse roof. The farm will be used to provide fresh, perishable vegetables to a local non-profit food cooperative.

 The rooftop farm will be able to supply enough produce to meet the annual fresh vegetable needs of up to 4500 people. Like many inner city, low income communities, the South Bronx suffers from the ‘food desert’ effect, where residents lack access to fresh vegetables at affordable prices.

The rooftop farm will make a significant contribution to food access and public health in the neighbourhood.

See article on BrightFarms here.

See more about Forest House here.

via cityfarmer.info

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