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Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Rules Committee, speaks during a meeting Monday in Washington. Sessions argued Wednesday that there was no need to increase federal funding for election security. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) House Republicans plan to vote Thursday on a spending bill that excludes new money for election security grants to states, provoking a furious reaction from Democrats amid a national controversy over Russian election interference. At issue is a grant...
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by on July 18, 2018
Here's how to use a library card to get free access to the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and many more. There’s literally never been a better time to get a New York City Library card. Besides having free access to millions of books, New York Public Library cardholders can now use their cards to reserve a Culture Pass, which grants them free entry to dozens of cultural institutions around the city. The program is also available to cardholders for the Brooklyn Publ...
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by on July 18, 2018
For Putin, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Republicans may grumble over this, but they are Trump’s indecent enablers.   President Trump was in full Putin-pandering mode when he met with the Russian president in Helsinki on Monday. This time, Trump’s crossed the line! He’s done! He’s finished! He’s toast! How many times do I remember this refrain, all the way back to the Mexican “rapists” remark more than three years ago that established Trump to the right of all his Repub...
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by on July 17, 2018
The country’s leading manufacturer of voting machines has switched gears and admitted that the company installed remote-access software on election-management systems sold over the course of a six-year period. This comes as a reversal of a previous public statement from the vendor in question. The admission comes by way of an April letter sent to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) by Election System and Software (ES&S) and recently obtained by Motherboard. The letter notes: [ES&S] provided pcA...
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by on July 17, 2018
What is Devosian Philosophy There has been a systematic attempt to destroy public education in America through the Devosian Philosophy without any regard for the effects on poor black, brown and white kids and their families. Two of the leaders of this group are of course Betsy Devos and her husband, Dick Devos. The Devosian philosophy has emerged at the right time under a seemingly classist and racist administration that looks to keep the poor, poor and only provide access to opportun...
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by on July 13, 2018
The administration of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who until recently referred to marijuana as a "gateway drug," released a state Health Department report on Friday that says the "positive effects" of legalization "outweigh the potential negative impacts." "Numerous NYS agencies and subject matter experts in the fields of public health, mental health, substance use, public safety, transportation, and economics worked in developing this assessment," the 75-page document says. "No insurm...
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by on July 11, 2018
There's big business at New York's federal courts in suing companies whose websites are unusable by the blind. Over the years, Manhattan attorney Jeffrey Gottlieb reckons he has brought more than 100 lawsuits against companies that haven't made their websites usable by the blind. Although federal law prohibits plaintiffs from collecting large amounts of damages, the cases are so irksome to the business community that Congress is asking the Trump administration to crack down on them. "T...
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by on July 9, 2018
A dedicated team of volunteers persuaded thousands of new voters to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—and transform the Democratic Party in the process. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley 57.5 to 42.5 percent. No one expected the result, least of all the candidate herself. (Spectrum News NY1) Three women in brightly colored saris were heading my way. It was primary day in New York’s 14th congressional district, and I was in Woodside, Queens handing out glossy yellow car...
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by on July 7, 2018
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign has planned a fundraiser for next Wednesday at the elegant Hudson Terrace event space on West 46th Street in Manhattan. The invitation for the “Summer Happy Hour” event as posted on the campaign’s website says attendance costs just $5 per person, or $10 at the door — a sure sign that the governor is making outreach to supporters who are young and might not be able to pony up the kind of admission costs more commonly associated with his campaign events. The two...
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by on July 6, 2018
These are scary times for our country. As Trump mocks and demeans our values, explodes the national debt, and destroys our alliances and our position in the world, Republican politicians sit by and enable his abuses. Many voters are furious, and are looking for a way to fight back. Nyack is already represented by Democrats in Congress and the State Legislature, so energized voters looking to take the fight to Republicans have to look elsewhere to make the biggest impact. Photo courtesy NY...
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by on July 5, 2018
From left: Democratic House nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa. Despite all the Democrats' special election wins, high voter turnout in primaries and polls showing strong party enthusiasm heading into the midterms, the fact remains that Democrats are still stuck at their lowest level of power in nearly a century. Even as President Trump's poll numbers have stabilized, party ...
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by on July 4, 2018
A federal probe into Facebook’s sharing of user data with Cambridge Analytica now involves the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department, the Washington Post reported. Representatives from these agencies have joined the Federal Trade Commission in the inquiry, the newspaper reported, citing five unnamed people familiar with the matter. Those people spoke on condition of anonymity because the probes are not complete. The probe reportedly centers on what Face...
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