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The murder of an Abilene man was caught on camera.

Aaron Howard was shot and killed Sept. 1 in the alley behind his home on Don Juan Street. His two neighbors, Johnnie and Michael Miller, have been charged with the murder.

Howard's fiancee, Kara Box, shot the deadly dispute on her cell phone and released it to KTXS.

"People deserve to know what actually happened and you know they deserve to know John and Michael Miller are murderers," Box said.

The video shows the heated exchange between Howard and his two neighbors.

All three of the men were heard making threats until eventually, John Miller pulls the trigger on his pistol, shooting Howard.

Then, Michael Miller shoots Howard with his shotgun.

"You can see that I stepped in between them and I said, 'you're not going to shoot my husband' then he fired passed my head," Box said.

At least four shots were fired. Then, we see Box running towards her fiance screaming.

KTXS reached out to Taylor County District Attorney Jim Hicks for a comment. He had not yet seen the video and asked us to send him a copy.

"Video evidence like this is always graphic and very difficult to watch. But, it is consistent with the charges," Hicks said.

When we first talked to Box a week after the murder, she didn't have a message for the Milers. However, that has now changed.

"You [the Millers] deserve to spend your lives in prison," said Box.

Box has since moved out of her home on Don Juan Street.

Howard did not have a gun, but he was armed with a bat.

Both John and Michael Miller have been charged with first degree murder. However, both are out of jail on $25,000 bond.

By Olivia DiVenti & Jamie Burch

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