Whole Foods Suppliers Defend Using Prison Labor


The food companies that used prison labor to sell products at Whole Foods are defending their programs, saying they provide inmates with new skills and rehabilitation. Whole Foods, under pressure from prison reform advocacy groups protesting the wages earned by those behind bars, announced last week that it will stop …

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New California Law Aims To Curb Racial Profiling By Police

Activists hailed the law, but police union leaders complained it would create more paperwork.

California police will have to publicly report race and other demographic characteristics of any person stopped by officers under a new law intended to respond to high-profile deaths of unarmed black men and charges of racial profiling. The law, authored by state Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D) and signed into law by …

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Oregon Shooting: The Myth of the Good Guy With the Gun


Last Thursday afternoon in Austin—in the shadow of the clock tower from which a sniper shot four dozen people in 1966—students, faculty and staff gathered to demonstrate their opposition to a newly passed law that will allow the licensed carry of concealed handguns in college classrooms. A smaller group of …

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High court won’t hear challenge to NY school vaccine rules

The justices on Monday let stand an appeals court ruling that said the policy does not violate students' constitutional right of religious freedom.

The Supreme Court won’t hear a challenge to New York state’s requirement that all children be vaccinated before they can attend public school. The justices on Monday let stand an appeals court ruling that said the policy does not violate students’ constitutional right of religious freedom. The appeals court had …

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EDC criticized for not reporting contaminated oil in Linden Place project

The city Economic Development Corporation has been accused of not reporting contaminated soil found during the Linden Place project.

Community leaders and elected officials have blasted the city Economic Development Corporation for failing to immediately report fuel-contaminated oil it discovered during its Linden Place extension road and wetlands mitigation project in College Point. Reconstruction of Linden Place between 28th Avenue and 23rd Avenue and 130th Street is complete and …

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New EU privacy rules could widen the policy gap with America

A court ruling on October 6th could alter the way data flow around the internet

LAWYERS who specialise in data protection have been much in demand in recent days. Their clients are scrambling to understand the possible implications of a ruling expected on October 6th from the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Depending on what the continent’s highest judges decide, not only could much higher …

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These states spend more on prisons than colleges


State spending on corrections has outpaced funding for public education over the last three decades, with 11 states pouring more money into their prison systems than into public universities, according to a new report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Researchers looked at several studies on state spending, including one from the …

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Probe appears to focus on political favors in state


With a widening probe of New York state government, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara appears to be taking aim at the nebulous relationship between money and politics itself — a long and murky association in Albany and in capitals across the nation. The federal prosecutor, whose investigations have already toppled two …

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Badass: The Culture that Makes Gun Reform Impossible

Badass: The Culture that Makes Gun Reform Impossible

Another news cycle, another mass shooting. Here we go again. As we all know, because of last week’s Oregon school shooting, a “debate” over gun control will now ensue, with talking heads on all the networks rehashing all the old arguments. As we also know, this debate is absolutely meaningless, …

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Cyber activists hit refresh on single gateway protest

Cyber activists say they will launch a fresh round of attacks on state agency websites. (Bangkok Post file photo)

A group of cyber activists has threatened to launch a fresh round of attacks on state agency websites unless the government formally abandons its single internet gateway proposal by Oct 14. An online campaign against the proposed gateway is being waged through a Facebook page called “Single Gateway: Thailand Internet …

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Doctors pioneer pot as an opioid substitute

HEALTHY DEBATE: Some doctors, such as Dr. Uma Dhanabalan of Uplifting Health and Wellness in Natick see medical marijuana as a way to help opioid addicts kick their habit. But others, such as Dr. Anil Kumar of Advanced Pain Management Center are wary to downright skeptical of the theory.

Hundreds of opioid addicts are being treated with medical marijuana in Massachusetts, with advocates touting the new therapy as a life-changing alternative to a deadly epidemic — and facing down critics who contend they are peddling junk science. “We have a statewide epidemic of opioid deaths,” said Dr. Gary Witman …

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